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About EmailPush

(Intelligent Email Marketing Software)

50% Cheaper

It's the World’s most economical email marketing software, 50% cheaper than competitors (Mailjet, Sendinblue, Sendgrid, etc)

All Standard Features

It has all standard & automation features like - email design builder, landing pages, A/B testing, scheduling, segmentation, personalization, etc

Assured Inbox Delivery

We have email server IPs which have 99% reputation score. This ensures definite inbox delivery for your email campaigns.


Powerful Email Marketing Software

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Email Designer Builder

Use our drag & drop Email Designer for creating beautiful emails.

Template Gallery

Huge collection of ready-to-use templates. Just pick a design that suits you and customize it to fit your needs.

Web Forms/Landing Pages

Create unlimited web forms or landing pages and collect leads directly into your Contacts list.

A/B Testing

Test how your mail or message is doing and how your subscribers are responding to it.

Advance Scheduling Options

Create welcome emails, respond to user actions, and schedule your emails.

Personalization Features

Personalize your emails with your recipients’ name or country, add social media widgets, etc.

Custom Fields

Add birthdays, anniversaries to your contacts information for personalized communication.


Automatically sort through your contacts’ email addresses to create powerful segments.

Contact Pruning

Automatically clean your audience of inactive recipients to keep your reputation high.

Detailed Reports

Geolocation tracking, click maps, detailed link click monitoring, click rates and delivery statistics.

Real-time Delivery Monitoring

Track your email delivery in real time so that you can respond to any issues immediately.

Premium Support

Get real-time support – Chat Support + Email Support + Phone Support.

About WhatsApp Automation

(WhatsApp Automation Service)

All Inside WhatsApp 

Create conversational marketing campaigns, engage leads, and provide customer service, all inside WhatsApp. 

Everything Automated

Automate all your communications with customers/leads. Automatically use rich content and personalized conversations.

Everything Managed by Us

You just provide a Mobile number; the rest of the automation, funnels, and conversations are created by us.


WhatsApp Automation Service

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Marketing Campaigns

Create a Complete Marketing Funnel for your business using WhatsApp.

Retargeting & Segmentation

Reach out to your prospects again with retargeting, scheduling, and segmentation.

Collect Leads Automatically

Collect and manage leads automatically for your business using WhatsApp.

Engage Leads Automatically

Engage leads automatically with relevant auto-replies 

Automated Support 24 x 7

Provide 24 x 7 customer support that is fully automated and personalized. 

Manage and Resolve Queries

Manage effectively all your customers’ concerns with integrations and unified chat inboxes.

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