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WhatsApp Automation Service for Marketing, Sales and Support, starting $99

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What We Do

All Inside WhatsApp

Create conversational marketing campaigns, engage leads, and provide customer service, all inside WhatsApp. 

Everything Automated

Automate all your communications with customers/leads. Automatically use rich content and personalized conversations.

Everything Managed by Us

You just provide a Mobile number; the rest of the automation, funnels, and conversations are created by us.

WhatsApp Automation for Marketing

Marketing Campaigns

Create a Complete Marketing Funnel for your business using WhatsApp.

Bulk Messaging

Broadcast/send bulk messages in one go. Important your contacts, create a campaign, and send them all.

Drip Campaigns

Use drip campaigns to create a conversational chat flow with the new customers for marketing purposes.

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Retargeting & Segmentation

Reach out to your prospects again with retargeting, scheduling, and segmentation.

Retargeting & Schedules Msgs

Retarget the customers who haven’t purchased their cart items. With scheduling, send the right offers and discounts at the right time.


Segregate customers based on their demographics, purchasing habits, or any criteria that you’d want. Import customer segments and run custom campaigns.

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WhatsApp Automation for Sales

Collect Leads Automatically

Collect and manage leads automatically for your business using WhatsApp.

Collect via Widgets

Use widgets like WhatsApp buttons, Ads, QR codes, a website or you can even put up a reference website.

Integrate with CRM

Integrate with your existing CRM tool and ensure all your leads are feeding to CRM automatically.

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Engage Leads Automatically

With relevant auto-replies 

Show Your catalogue

Share your catalogue, and pdf files automatically. 

Book Appointments 

Use WhatsApp also as a booking platform to schedule appointments.

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WhatsApp Automation for Support

Automated Support 24 x 7

Provide 24 x 7 customer support that is fully automated and personalized. 

Personalized Support

Let your customers feel important with personalization with smart keyword-based conversations.

Live Chat

With Unified Chat inbox, your human support team can jump into the conversations and take charge of it. 

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Manage and Resolve Queries

Manage effectively all your customers’ concerns with integrations and unified chat inboxes.

Integrate with Ticketing

Integrate with your existing ticketing system and manage well.

Notify Customers

Notify your customers when the issue has been resolved.

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Pricing plans

WhatsApp Automation Pricing

We manage everything for you. We create and run marketing campaigns, create automated sales conversations, create support conversations and other stuff. You just need to provide a mobile no, which is not linked to any WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Automation Services

Billed monthly


Marketing Campaigns

Sales Conversations

Support Conversations

Other related tasks

How It Works
(Getting Started)

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  1. 1
    Buy WhatsApp Automation Service

    Buy WhatsApp Automation Service, priced at $99/month. We will immediately assign an Account Manager to understand your requirements.

  2. 2
    First Call & Team allocation

    Within 2 days, you will have a conference call with the assigned Account Manager (Project Manager) to understand & freeze your requirements.

  3. 3

    Our WhatsApp automation team will start building automated campaigns/sales conversations/support conversations.


Have Query? Contact us

Or call +91 9599 085 104 (INDIA) / +1-646-712-9821 (international) to speak to our team directly.