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Marketing Automation Managed Services
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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a set of tools designed to streamline and simplify all your marketing activities. With this, you get more qualified leads and more sales.
It has four parts -

Efficient Lead Collection

You collect leads (through forms, pop-ups) and auto-segment it.
Outcome - You get more “Leads”

Automated Lead Nurturing

Automated email series, Predictive sending, Lead scoring, etc
Outcome - You get more qualified “hot leads”.

Sales Automation

Win probability, Conversations, Attributions, etc.
Outcome - You get more sales automatically.


Measure RoI of all your campaigns
Outcome - Your marketing and sales efforts are now much more efficient.

Managed Services for Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is somewhat a complex product. Its deployment needs a lot of guidance and support from experts. So we have created a “Managed Services” where we ensure successful deployment to get the results. We work with you to manage your marketing automation system to move leads through the sales funnel and qualify them for your sales team.

Marketing Automation Overview



✓ Everything managed by us.
✓ We develop top level Marketing Automation strategy and “execute” the whole thing. 
✓ Continuous monitoring and optimization.
✓ Up to 20 Hrs /month of work.
✓ Dedicated Customer Success Manager
✓ Weekly / Monthly review sessions.


Lead Collection Setup

✓ Landing Page development
✓ Conversion form development (web-forms and pop-ups)
✓ Set rules to auto-add Tags, auto-send to Segment
✓ Lists, Push data to CRM, etc.
✓ Email Marketing template design and Email Marketing.

Lead Collection Setup
Automated Lead Nurturing Setup


Automated Lead Nurturing Setup

✓ Setting up Automated Email Series
✓ Predictive Sending setup
✓ Lead Scoring / Staging setup
✓ Lead status integration with CRM
✓ Setting up Email /SMS /Web Push notifications based on repeat visitor behavior on the website.
✓ Sales team notifications setup


Sales Automation Setup

✓ Win Probability setup
✓ Conversations setup
✓ Attributions

Sales Automation

The most fare pricing plans ever.

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Forever Free


Top Level Strategy - ❌
Lead Collection Setup - ✔️
Automated Lead Nurturing Setup - ❌
Sales Automation Setup - ❌
Continuous Monitoring & Optimization
Upto 5 Hrs of work /month
Email Support only


Billed Monthly


Top Level Strategy - ✔️
Lead Collection Setup - ✔️
Automated Lead Nurturing Setup - ✔️
Sales Automation Setup - ✔️
Continuous Monitoring & Optimization
Upto 20 Hrs of work /month
*Additional Hrs at $15 /hr.
Email, Chat & Phone Support