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Personalized Email Marketing

Email Marketing Features

Broadcast Emails. Triggered Emails. Targeted Emails. Email Auto-responders. Email Funnels. Scheduled Emails.

Beautiful Built-in Templates

One can choose from pre-design built in template to design campaigns and newsletters from scratch. There are a number of built-in templates available to choose from.

Mobile Optimized

Optimize your email to make is look as good as they look on a desktop.

Assured Inbox Delivery

99% inbox deliver-ability. Our software make sure your email reaches to your client's inbox. This makes you reach large number of audience and as many people as possible.

Subscription Forms

Design and customize the subscription forms to capture contact information and start engaging them via drip campaigns.

Audience Segmentation

Segment your contacts based on predefined activity or on any information you have.

Conditional Content

It basically called dynamic content. Show different content to different contact based on their behavior, preference, and interest.

Detailed Analytics with Geo-tracking

It captures your contact location for Geo targeted campaigns.

Social Sharing

Share you campaign on social media sites and track it result.

Unlimited Image Hosting

Add unlimited images for your email campaigns.

Link Actions and Tags

Add tags, create various deals, and get notifications.

Split Testing (A/B Testing)

Use the power of A/B testing to find out what works and what doesn’t quickly and easily.

Powerful Integrations

Integrate your email marketing to other applications.

Marketing Automation Features

Automate Your Marketing with ease.

  1. Site & Event Tracking

    Track the activity of your website visitors and connect your email marketing to their behaviour.

  2. Automation Goals

    Think the or organization same proposal to affected heard reclined in be it reassuring.

  3. Automation Map

    It lets you see how automation connect to each other and how it  works together.

  4. Attribution

    Track the entire customer life-cycle to see where your customers come from.

  5. Split Action

    It makes easy to control your automation. By applying split action you can see which automation performing well and can give customized experiences to it.


Sales & CRM Features

A sales CRM with automation helps you sell more.

Contacts and Lead Scoring

Track your lead status and their engagement. Find most and least engage leads and add score to lead’s overall point.

Gmail Extension for Chrome

Connect ActiveCampaign to your Gmail account. Manage all of your sales communications without leaving your email account.

iOS Mobile CRM App

All your contact information is in one place. Easily search contacts, check information, edit details, and add new contacts while you’re on the go.

Reach your audience


Customer messaging tools that help you connect with your audience.


Connect with you customer in real-time via email and live chat.

Explore More

SMS Marketing

Connect to your audience via text message and SMS marketing. It makes is easy to reach people.

Site Messages

It helps to follow your audience when they are most engaged. You can customize each site message for your business.

Facebook Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences lets you target each contact based on where they are in the customer journey.

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