About Us
About Sales-Push.com
Sales-Push.com has been founded by professional team, who has years of experience in digital marketing.

Sales-Push.com understand the importance of “Digital Marketing in Sales Generation”. This is something which is well understood by large corporates, but highly neglected by SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses).

Currently, with professional teams located in US & India, we serve global clients.Everyone in our team is well qualified and mature to understand the needs of our clients, and capable to deliver services.We have very strict hiring policy, and make sure that anyone joins us has the global vision which we share.

Our vision is to be one of the best and truly admired "Digital Marketing Company" serving global clients till their satisfaction.

Our Team & Expertise
Our team consists of professionals like -

• Strong And Dedicated Techies
• Business Development Managers
• Digital Marketing Experts

We have very strong expertise on different sets of digital marketing, which includes :

• Email Marketing Platform (Product)
• Social Media Monitoring Platform (Product)
• Online Ads - Setup & Management (Service)

Service Delivery Guarantee
We have monthly subscription system, where will bill our clients for our packaged service offerings. If client believe that service is not properly delivered, then we won't bill for next month till he/she is satisfied with the service delivery.
Our Working Ethics
We have a very high standard of service delivery. We make sure that expectations are captured properly in the beginning with our clients.
We don't work on pure commission basis, as we believe this model is highly flawed, and nobody is serious here.
Outcome based Pricing Model
If we deliver the results, then only payment is made otherwise not.No outcomes, no payment.

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